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Since 2008 we have provided a global clientele with radiation shielding solutions of the highest quality with the broadest range of products and services. With design, physics, manufacturing and project management under one roof, Veritas Medical Solutions provides efficient, fast and trouble-free radiotherapy treatment room installations. Our innovative VeriShield™ modular radiation shielding system is the keystone of our radiation shielding product line. When combined with our state-of-the-art Veritas Radiation Protection Doors and unique modular interior fitout packages, we can provide a treatment center which far exceeds the features and performance of concrete constructed facilities.
2018 represents Veritas’ 10th year of originating advanced radiation shielding, breakthrough door systems, ingenious ways to quickly construct a radiotherapy center, cutting-edge treatment room interior system, and imaginative ways to design and build proton facilities. We've changed the shielding industry and continue to provide a myriad of long-lasting benefits to our customers.

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