Deliverable Modular Radiotherapy Treatment Centers - Quantum Series

Quantum-DeliveredThe Quantum is appropriate for all linear radiotherapy practices looking to startup, upgrade, expand, or alter existing linear accelerator facilities. Imagine the possibilities afforded by the ability to open a fully functioning, shielded radiotherapy facility in two weeks' time.



Quantum V

QuantumDesigned specifically for temporary installations where a full-size treatment room is not required, the Veritas Quantum V is the perfect solution to maintain existing services during construction.

A 6MV linear accelerator in a totally self-contained and fully shielded mobile unit, the Quantum V includes many of the features that come standard with the Quantum, but it is not delivered with expansion modules, providing a treatment room of 10' x 25'-6" x 10' h.

Quantum Design

Modular Rooms


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