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Superior shielding regardless of production scale 

Effective shielding solutions for either reactor or cyclotron produced radiopharmaceuticals used for diagnosis, therapy, theranostics or research applications. Pre-engineered designs for comprehensive radionuclide and radiopharmaceutical facilities ranging from 30 MeV cyclotrons with multiple beam lines manufacturing multiple radionuclides to small PET radiopharmaceutical production centers. Veritas can help meet the regulatory demands of radiation protection and assist with the multitude of factors of planning and successful implementation of the shielded vault design.

VeriShield Construction

Groundbreaking system of dry stacked shielding modules which interlock to form a tight, leak-free therapy room of any size or shape. Unique sine-wave shaped modules provide superior neutron, photon and particle attenuation. The shielding minimizes activation through neutron capture reactions and addresses the formation of secondary high energy neutrons, associated with high energy irradiation.

With reduced loads and shielding thicknesses compared to concrete, VeriShield offers the flexibility to: 

  • Design and build a new facility

  • Add on to an existing facility to accommodate programmatic growth

  • Maintain or renovate an existing facility

  • Improve and maintain overall
    environmental quality

  • Ensure that all regulatory requirements are met, including radiation protection and industrial hygiene

Northstar Door

Veritas SmartDoor®

Veritas SmartDoor shielded door systems are available to provide unmatched shielding and operational performance both inside and outside the shielded structure.

Taking into account your unique production requirements, Veritas will work towards the best solution to assure the safe production of radionuclides and make sure your facility not only meets today’s standards, but can be easily adapted to future conditions. No other shielding method provides a comparable
blend of attenuation performance, convenience and affordability.

Proven Technology

As part of its expansion of radiation shielding solutions for radiopharmaceutical manufacturing, Veritas Medical Solutions recently partnered with NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes to construct a radiation shielded facility for the manufacture of concentrated molybdenum-99.

The Veritas design team provided a shielding design which met tight spatial constraints as well challenging structural and radiation shielding requirements. The time schedule to build the approximately 6,000 square foot shielded vault was aggressive, and had to coincide with the arrival of two IBA Rhodotron high energy accelerators. VeriShield was used to provide the radiation protection for the accelerators as well as the structural support for the vault. The modular VeriShield allowed the facility to meet Wisconsin’s requirement of being able to dismantle and decommission the vaults, unlike a typical poured concrete structure, and also accommodated multiple shielding penetrations and the challenge of limited space above the vault.

To meet radiation protection and safety protocols for room entrances, Veritas SmartDoor® radiation protective door systems were installed. Custom single-slide doors were constructed along with a massive 70,000 lb. sliding door for inside the vault.