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Enjoy the advantages of a modular radiation shielding solution that enables you to save time, save costs and provide patients with the best treatment possible.


Veritas installs anywhere using factory-trained and certified teams to build the safest and most functionally-efficient solution available.


We simplify the architect’s task with pre-engineered room layouts for virtually every modality and machine energy.


Our in-house physics capabilities can design the best shielding solution for your application.

Veritas Medical Solutions

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We pride ourselves not only on affordability and 100% guaranteed shielding performance, but also on being a firm you can rely on for all your shielding needs—fast.

Before your next shielding project, download this free design guide that will enable you to plan, manage and finish the job more quickly with a smaller footprint.


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Your next project is only one click away. Reach out to the modular technology experts providing 100% guaranteed effective radiation shielding—with in-house physics, design and installation capabilities that are ready to go.

Veritas Medical Solutions

Shielding products

What’s the foundation for successful radiation-therapy facility construction? Innovative modular radiation-shielding technologies provided by experts with turnkey capabilities from physics to installation—saving you time, money and building space.

Veritas modular shielding

VeriShield® is a system of dry stacked modules that can be easily configured into any size, shape or type of radiation shielded therapy room. Compared to concrete, rooms constructed with VeriShield require less than half the space and are erected in weeks instead of months.

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SmartDoor® shielded doors

Combining cutting-edge technology with patient-friendly design and appearance, Veritas SmartDoors set the worldwide standard for performance and reliability. Our newest innovation, Providence, operates at a whisper and eliminates costly door-related downtime.

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SmartVue® windows

SmartVue is a breathtaking new advancement in patient treatment that allows natural light directly into the treatment room, providing the patient with a beautiful, uplifting view of the outside before and after the treatment process.

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Veritas Medical Solutions

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In radiotherapy, a beam of high energy photons is used to deliver a therapeutic dose of ionizing radiation to cancerous tissue. To ensure the safety of the facility’s workers as well as the general public, the areas outside the treatment room must be shielded to attenuate this radiation down to permissible levels.

We just published a whitepaper that demonstrates the radiation attenuation capabilities of our VeriShield modular shielding. In every instance, especially when compared to concrete and steel, the VeriShield outperformed its competition due its unique product makeup and interlocking curved design, which prevents straight-line seams in the shielding.


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