Slide SmartDoor®
Entry Doors

Make a Great Entry with Advanced Shielded Doors

Problem-free operators. Advanced hinge technologies. Touch-screen SmartDoor® human-machine-interface (HMI) controls. Copied by many but unequalled by any, Veritas started a revolution in seismic-rated doors that accomplish many “firsts” for the industry. We knock competitive designs off their hinges by eliminating traditional problematic operating issues. Plus, our extensive range of materials and finishes provide you with more aesthetic options.

Sliding Doors

Regarded as the fastest, safest and most reliable doors anywhere, the innovative Veritas SmartDoor® bi-parting radiation shielded door system offers dramatic improvements over industry-standard operating times of 25 to 30 seconds.

Swing Doors

Eliminate mechanical problems and the industrial look of ordinary radiation shielded doors. Veritas swing door systems provide 100% guaranteed shielding with unmatched reliability and the visual appeal of contemporary designer finishes.


Proton Doors

Today’s most advanced therapy room entry systems, Veritas SmartDoors bring shielded door technology to proton facilities — opening new design possibilities and patient throughput advances.