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The Complete Package—from Design and Construction to Preventive Maintenance

With design, physics, manufacturing and project management under one roof, Veritas enables you to build fast, efficient and trouble-free radiotherapy treatment rooms to your exact standards.


Our in-house physics capabilities can design the best shielding solution for your application. We work according to your physicist’s performance criteria and provide a 100% guarantee of shielding effectiveness and integrity.


We simplify the architect’s task with pre-engineered room layouts for virtually every modality and machine energy. Customized room designs can also be engineered to meet specific project requirements.

Project Management

A dedicated Veritas Project Manager handles each shielding program. Acting as a single point of contact, your Project Manager will liaise with all members of the team to ensure that everything runs smoothly and on schedule.


Veritas installs anywhere using factory-trained and certified installation teams to build the safest, most economical and functionally-efficient solution available.

Customer Support

We are focused on delivering the very best in customer service. We strive to respond promptly to every request and provide a successful conclusion to every customer interaction.

Door Maintenance and Service

Under a Veritas Maintenance Service Agreement, Veritas SmartCare™ technicians will perform routine maintenance of existing doors, provide operating instructions and be on call 24/7 to solve unexpected concerns.