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The Right Elements Make a Complete Solution

When your radiotherapy room meets your exact requirements, you enhance the environment of care. Veritas can work with your team as a single-source provider for a radiation-shielded room solution with all the features you require—and cut weeks off construction time while maximizing space.

VeriShield Rooms vs. Concrete Vaults – Save Floor Space

We Create Healing Environments

VeriShield® Modular Room

  • Fully-shielded treatment suite
  • Includes shielding, shielded entry door, and interior finishes
  • Exterior size and treatment areas up to 510 sq. ft.
  • Control area not included

Veritas Rapid Oncology Center (VROC®)

  • Self-contained treatment suite
  • Includes structure, shielding, shielded entry door, control room, interior and exterior finishes
  • Exterior up to 750 sq. ft. and treatment area up to 510 sq. ft.
  • Control area of approximately 240 sq. ft.

Design Elements that Distinguish Your Spaces

Ceiling and Flooring Systems

A therapy room ceiling is your primary opportunity to enhance patient comfort while establishing a pleasant feeling. That’s why we offer a wide array of ceiling options—flat, domed, vaulted or trayed—to supplement our flooring and finish options.

Modular Wall Panels

The cornerstone of our pre-engineered interior solutions, the Veritas modular wall panel system allows for easy installation and easier upkeep with replaceable panels and attractive finishes with wood, plastic, or metal laminates. Electrical wiring and other elements are conveniently housed behind walls to allow easy adjustment to your room setup.