Slide VeriShield® Ultra-High Density
Modular Radiation Shielding
Go with a smarter, faster solution.

Guaranteed 100% Radiation Protection

Advanced composition chemistry. Patented sine-wave mating shape. Together, they give VeriShield® modules unmatched attenuation properties and construction benefits.

Shielding Effectiveness—100% Guaranteed

VeriShield® modules are manufactured in a factory-controlled environment by incorporating high Z aggregates (for photon attenuation) as well as neutron-attenuating materials. Between modules, fully-lapping and alternating seams prevent straight-line paths for radiation streaming. This feature makes it possible to provide a 100% shielding-effectiveness guarantee.

Flexibility to Meet Requirements Now—and Future Reusability

Our method of module interlocking secures a leak-free therapy room to meet practically any design requirements. Individual elements or modules can be combined into a composite structure in half the space of mass-concrete vaults. Moreover, our interlocked modules can be deconstructed and reused if needed.

Modules are Easier to Work With

Compact Design

Standard size modules are 5″ x 5″ x I0″ (127mm x 127mm x 254mm).

Ergonomically designed to comply with European safe lifting limit of 22 kg.

Allows for easy handling during installation, increases worker safety, and reduces per-module installation time.

Fractional Modules

  • Half modules allow layers to be staggered – providing increased structural strength.
  • Modules firmly lock into a solid structure.

Compressive Strength

  • Guaranteed to meet the 2,800 psi minimum, typically withstanding 5,000 psi or more depending on density; this product easily surpasses this criterion.
  • Grout materials have less compressive strength as water content is increased for working properties. Final compressive strength will vary based on product density.

Attenuation Benefits

Lock Out Radiation with Sine-Wave Interlock

Unlike angular-shaped shielding modules with straight-line seams that allow radiation to pass through, VeriShield® modules feature a unique sine-wave module mating shape. The result is 100% shielding effectiveness throughout the shielding structure, providing a solid, leak-free barrier.

Sawtooth Module Design: 35% Less Effective

Approx. 2” of shielding thickness per tooth at the straight-line seam reduces the effectiveness of a 6” module thickness to the same as that of a 4” module.

Over 35% less effective in preventing radiation streaming at the seam.

VeriShield®️ Sine-Wave Design: 0% Radiation Streaming

All neutron/photon and particle protection.

Unique layered designs for proton applications.

Provides 100% guaranteed attenuation.