About Us #2

Cancer Centers of Excellence Start Here®

Veritas is a world leader in the design, production and installation of pre-engineered radiation-shielded treatment facilities, and serves the radiotherapy oncology, medical imaging and industrial inspection industries, among others, requiring specialized radiation protection.

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Veritas, Latin for “Truth”

Our Name—Veritas—Sets Before Us the Guiding Principle and Mission for Our Company

We will not be satisfied with mediocrity. Our road to success will be measured not merely by financial goals, but rather by the relationships that we build and the lives we can impact for the better. To achieve this mission, we always seek to follow the will of the Lord and trust in His providence.

Bringing real value to our customers, opportunity to our employees and aid to the communities we serve, the hallmark of our success will be strong relationships with our business partners and respect for our competitors.

Veritas provides a single-source solution for high-quality shielding materials and designs for cancer treatment centers worldwide.