industrial Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions

Veritas is proud to announce it recently expanded its
world class modular radiation shielding solutions for Radiopharmaceutical manufacturing, non-destructive imaging, sterilization as well as fusion and nuclear
energy generation.

To provide a safe workplace environment Veritas manufactures a range of modular shielding and radiation-protective door systems suitable for industrial applications.


Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Accelerator and cyclotron-produced diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals to meet critical patient healthcare needs and help advance clinical research. Veritas shielded rooms, door systems, structures and peripheral shielding.


Non-Destructive Imaging

High Energy X-Ray Inspection Services

Non-destructive testing of critical parts such as those in aerospace, medical device, electronic, automotive and defense applications. Also cargo inspection and product screening facilities.
Veritas shielded rooms, door systems and
peripheral shielding.

Fission - Fusion Energy Generation and Research

Fission / Fusion Energy Generation and Research

Production of reliable nuclear power through advanced technologies. Development of innovative bio-shield designs and components to retain strength and attenuation levels under neutron loads and high temperatures. Veritas designs maximize shielding attenuation while assisting with activation/waste/recyclability issues associated with nuclear facilities.
Veritas exterior vessel shielding, storage bunkers and bio-shield stockpiles.


Small Modular Reactors (SMR)

Veritas is actively exploring VeriShield options for incorporation in modular shielding designs as part of the IAEC Nuclear Harmonization and Standardization Initiative (NHSI), with the goal of facilitating the safe and secure deployment of SMRs and other advanced nuclear technologies.

NorthStar Beloit

Case Study

Veritas scope of work included design, construct and install radiation shielded vault to house IBA 40 MEV TT300-HE accelerators and surrounding rooms. Click here to learn more.