SmartDoor Atlas – Does your specialized door shielding challenge
necessitate a special industrial door shielding solution?

Look no further than the new Veritas SmartDoor Atlas Series, a custom shielded door design that surpasses all others. Leveraging the cutting-edge technology synonymous with all Veritas SmartDoors, the Atlas SmartDoor embodies advanced engineering features that enhance its size, strength, and durability. Enhanced by innovative AI programming, the Atlas Series, in conjunction with the VeriShield® modular radiation shielding, surpasses and outlasts other custom-shielded door systems.

Whether you’re establishing a Radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facility, a Non-destructive X-ray testing service, or pursuing other industrial radiation shielding requirements, rest assured that Veritas Shielding Solutions is the answer. Count on us to design and engineer doors that guarantee swiftness and quiet operation and assure 100% radiation attenuation.

SmartDoor Atlas
SmartDoor Atlas
SmartDoor Atlas
SmartDoor Atlas
SmartDoor Atlas

A door to be seen, not heard.

Seamless linear motion and Whisper technology facilitate silent and fluid operation, eliminating disruptive screw drive noises or wobbly supports.

Over 12 years of typical operation, and still counting.

The use of robust high-capacity components provides the system with a 4x safety factor, which ensures performance that lasts. Streamlining the design has led to the removal of high-maintenance elements like wear strips, rollers, and multiple support rails.

Rapid-open technology speeds access and increases patient throughput.

Variable open/close speeds eliminate the need for partial-opening. The customizable electronic drive system ensures personnel safety with top-tier electronic and mechanical backups.

Interactive computer control with peripheral connectivity.

Enhanced HMI electronics enable precise door operation with extensive data collection and reporting, along with remote troubleshooting abilities. The system seamlessly integrates with optional security card readers, fingerprint scanners, and voice-activated components.

Eliminate the inconvenience of treatment interruptions.

The redesigned and upgraded mechanics reduce wear-related components, simplifying maintenance and bolstering the protection of the unique linear drive. The streamlined design enables swift installation and a decreased height profile, ideal for constrained spaces.

Veritas SmartDoor® Engineering and Physics

Veritas provides engineering, physics, design services and architectural support for the construction of the door system based upon final physics parameters. A comprehensive physics report is provided, which documents all design parameters and physics calculations for the door installation. Design and engineering services include structural and mechanical.

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