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Modular Radiation Shielding
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Guaranteed 100% Modular Radiation Shielding Protection

Advanced composition chemistry. Patented sine-wave mating shape. Together, they give VeriShield® modules unmatched attenuation properties and construction benefits.

Modular Radiation Shielding

Shielding Effectiveness—100% Guaranteed

VeriShield® modules are manufactured in a factory-controlled environment by incorporating high Z aggregates (for photon attenuation) as well as neutron-attenuating materials. Between modules, fully lapping and alternating seams prevent straight-line paths for radiation streaming. This feature makes it possible to provide a 100% radiation shielding-effectiveness guarantee.

Modular Radiation Shielding

Flexibility to Meet Requirements Now—and Future Reusability

VeriShield’s patented interlocking system is the key to creating a radiation leak-free therapy room that can meet practically any design requirements. By combining individual elements or modules into a composite structure, we can achieve all the benefits of mass-concrete vaults in half the space and time. Plus, the modular design, makes our system not only environmentally friendly but also de-commissionable and reusable.

Modules are Easier to Work With

Compact Design

Standard size modules are 5″ x 5″ x I0″ (127mm x 127mm x 254mm).

Ergonomically designed to comply with European safe lifting limit of 22 kg.

Allows for easy handling during installation, increases worker safety, and reduces per-module installation time.

Modular Radiation Shielding

Fractional Modules

  • VeriShield® HT
  • Half modules allow layers to be staggered – providing increased structural strength.
  • Modules firmly lock into a solid structure.
Modular Radiation Shielding

Compressive Strength

  • Our VeriShield modular block is guaranteed to meet the 2,800 psi minimum, typically withstanding 5,000 psi or more depending on density; this product easily surpasses this criterion.
  • VeriShield Grout materials have less compressive strength as the water content is increased for working properties. The final compressive strength will vary based on product density.

Attenuation Benefits

Lock Out Radiation with Sine-Wave Interlock

Unlike angular-shaped shielding modules with straight-line seams that allow radiation to pass through, VeriShield® modules feature a unique and patented sine-wave module mating shape. The result is 100% radiation shielding effectiveness throughout the shielding structure, providing a solid, radiation leak-free barrier.

Modular Radiation Shielding

Sawtooth Module Design: 35% Less Effective

Approx. 2” of shielding thickness per tooth at the straight-line seam reduces the effectiveness of a 6” module thickness to the same as that of a 4” module.

Over 35% less effective in preventing radiation streaming at the seam.

Modular Radiation Shielding

VeriShield® Sine-Wave Design: 0% Radiation Streaming

All neutron/photon and particle protection.

Unique layered designs for proton applications.

Provides 100% guaranteed attenuation.