Shielding Products

Team Up with the Leading Minds in Modular Radiation Shielding

What’s the foundation for successful radiation-therapy facility construction? Innovative modular radiation-shielding technologies provided by experts with turnkey capabilities from physics to installation—saving you up to 20% in construction costs.


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Veritas Modular Shielding

VeriShield is a system of dry stacked modules that can be easily configured into any size, shape or type of radiation shielded therapy room. Compared to concrete, rooms constructed with VeriShield require less than half the space and are erected in weeks instead of months.


SmartDoor Shielded Doors

Combining cutting-edge technology with patient-friendly design and appearance, Veritas SmartDoors set the worldwide standard for performance and reliability. They are fast becoming the industry choice for radiation shielded doors for cancer treatment facilities worldwide.


SmartVue Windows

SmartVue is a breathtaking new advancement in patient treatment that allows natural light directly into the treatment room, providing the patient with a beautiful, uplifting view of the outside before and after the treatment process.


VPAC Stackable Radiation Shielding

VPAC is an innovative radiation shielding system that combines individual patented VeriShield® modules in a structural pack that interlocks with other VPACs to form a shielded structure. A proven alternative to concrete radiation shielding, installations take less than a week!


Product Specifications

Looking to build your next project? Look no further. Our product specifications outline the means and methods required to easily install Veritas products into your next treatment room.