A Turnkey Solution for Everything You Need in Particle Therapy Rooms

Veritas can incorporate all required materials—including shielding, door, and optional interior finish systems—to deliver a complete solution with the peace of mind and convenience that comes from working with a single-source provider.

Eliminate Mazes with Direct-Entry Doors

With their exceptional attenuation properties, smooth operation, attractive design and fast performance speed, VeriShield® doors are a superior alternative to thick, space-consuming maze entries. VeriShield® doors simplify both room layouts and space requirements.

100% Shielding Effectiveness Guarantee

Shrinking barrier thickness with VeriShield® modules doesn’t skimp on proton attenuation. In fact, all energies are attenuated in approximately half the space as concrete—with shielding effectiveness 100% guaranteed. See how we build.

Decrease Walking Time to Increase Patient Throughput

With the elimination of the maze comes a dramatic reduction in the time to access the patient and distance traveled into and out of the room. On average, a technician enters a treatment room at least 3 times for every patient. A direct entry approach saves them from walking more than 6 miles/week (9.6km) or 300 miles/year (483km). More importantly, a direct entry approach enables you to treat more patients and maximize the use of your space.

Particle Therapy Rooms

Side-By-Side: How Steps Add Up

Entrance to patient is 70′ (21.3m) Entrance to patient is 20′ (6.1m)
Taking into account time spent opening the doors, the approximate transit time per treatment (in/out x3 ft/sec (107cm/sec)) is
120 seconds 34 seconds
Direct entry savings: 86 seconds per treatment
Particle Therapy Rooms

Tested at MIT

VeriShield® modules in proton therapy conditions have been tested at the MIT Bates laboratory using a 230 MeV proton synchrotron. The results reveal that VeriShield® provides superior attenuation compared to concrete. Results also suggest that, with VeriShield® modules, shielding thickness can be reduced through a suitable choice of material layering. Learn more.

Particle Therapy Rooms

Interlocking Modules Build Better Shielding Faster

VPAC® units are pre-assembled to combine individual VeriShield® modules into a single structural shielding element, accelerating construction time. VPAC® units use a sine-wave interlock, which minimizes straight-line radiation leakage, forming a solid homogeneous shielding structure that retains the inherent radiation attenuation of individual VeriShield® modules.