Make the right choice when choosing the best in Non-Destructive X-Ray Testing Shielding

Veritas offers pre-engineered designs for comprehensive Non-Destructive X-ray testing and NDT Shielding facilities.

Non-destructive X-ray 3D imaging is a powerful tool in various industries, from aviation, aerospace, and automotive to medical sciences and defense industries, enabling precise analysis without altering the integrity of the object being examined. Shielding in this context plays a crucial role and the shielding design must strike a delicate balance: it needs to provide ample protection for technicians and bystanders while not obstructing the X-ray beams, ensuring accurate, reliable, and detailed imaging. Contact Veritas now to learn how our Radiation Experts and VeriShield® Modular Radiation Shielding is your answer.


VeriShield Construction

The new system of dry-stacked, lead-free shielding modules is a groundbreaking innovation in construction and radiation shielding. The modular design allows for a tight, radiation-leak-free vault of any size or shape. The unique sine-wave-shaped modules provide superior neutron, photon, and particle attenuation. This minimizes activation through neutron capture reactions and addresses the formation of secondary high-energy neutrons, associated with high-energy irradiation. This new system is a major advance in the field of radiation shielding and will have a significant impact on the safety of technicians and the efficiency of X-ray imaging.

radionuclide and radiopharmaceutical

With reduced loads and shielding thicknesses compared to concrete, VeriShield offers the flexibility to: 

  • Design and build a new facility

  • Add on to an existing facility to accommodate programmatic growth

  • Maintain or renovate an existing facility

  • Improve and maintain overall environmental quality

  • Ensure that all regulatory requirements are met, including radiation protection and industrial hygiene

Non-Destructive X-Ray Testing


radionuclide and radiopharmaceutical

Veritas SmartDoor®

Veritas SmartDoor shielded door systems are available to provide unmatched shielding and operational performance both inside and outside the shielded structure.

Taking into account your unique production requirements, Veritas will work towards the best solution to ensure a safe Non-Destructive X-ray testing shielding solution and make sure your facility not only meets today’s standards but can be easily adapted to future conditions. No other shielding method provides a comparable blend of attenuation performance, convenience, and affordability.

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