Veritas SmartCare™ Door Performance Protection


Veritas SmartCare provides routine annual maintenance services for Veritas SmartDoors that permit the early detection and correction of items that, if deficient or defective, would interfere with the normal effective operation of the door operating systems, endanger life and/or property, or involve high costs or long lead time for repair. Checks are performed on all mechanical and electrical systems, associated component parts, equipment and trim, along with the adjustment, lubrication and cleaning necessary to keep the door and equipment in proper and safe operating condition. Repair or replacement of any parts and mechanisms not included as part of a Veritas SmartCare PM Plan will be billed on a time and material basis. Preferred PM customers will receive discounted rates, 10% on labor and 10% on parts.

SmartCare • Install new equipment correctly and safely
• Identify and troubleshoot equipment that regularly experiences downtime
• Need on-site repair and help locate a certified repair center
• Upgrade to optimize your equipment to extend the lifecycle
• Restore equipment to “as new” condition
• Certification and training programs for personnel
• Assisting in inventory management
• Implementing a preventative maintenance and predictive plan
• Gain complete visibility into your equipment performance 24/7
• Find out when, why, and how to prevent downtime
The Veritas SmartCare Program also has priority remote and onsite repairs, which are provided on a time and materials basis. A complimentary three-hour consultation is provided for any technical support issue request.
Worn parts or parts requiring replacement must be purchased separately. SmartCare customers will receive a 10% discount on parts and 10% off labor. If you have purchased one of the SmartParts packages and a part needs to be replaced, the cost of labor to install the part will be an additional charge but discounted by 10%.
VERITAS SmartParts™
In order to minimize treatment disruption and ensure the most rapid repairs, Veritas recommends the advance purchase of Veritas SmartParts Kits, which are SmartDoor parts, tooling, and consumables pre-packaged for future use. When stored at the client’s facility, materials are ready when needed, eliminating any possible procurement or delivery delays. This is especially valuable for clients with door systems employing long-lead-time components due to custom fabrication. We listed the average lead time that it takes to procure the items below. We also offer SmartPart kits to maximize uptime while minimizing downtime.

VERITAS SMARTDOOR DOORS Veritas shall perform the following inspections, checks, and evaluations during the annual preventative maintenance visit:

  • Evaluate door operation – check for smooth door movement with no unusual or objectionable noise or vibration.
  • As access allows the following will be done: an inspection of the door frame, support structures, and welds; an assessment of balance and plumbness; and confirmation that all assemblies are firmly anchored.
  • Check the force required for manual operation.
  • Check the operation of motion detectors and safety devices.
  • Test, and re-adjust, if necessary, activation zones, safety zones, and thresholds.
  • Check for trip hazards.
  • Check for any parts interference with surroundings.
  • Check for broken or loose parts.
  • Inspect all operator mechanical connections – bushings, bearings, and ball joints for loose hardware and hinge bolts.
  • Inspect all cables, cable clamps, and fittings.
  • Check the mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems including the motor controls and secondary breakers serving the motor controls.
  • Inspect HMI and PBOS units – confirm the function of HMI, power switches, and stop button.
  • Check controls: Drive, encoder, and connecting cables. Update software/programming if needed.
  • Inspect gearbox and drive assembly.
  • Check finishes for damage.
  • Inspect door stop and adjust as needed.
  • Lubricate all moving parts as necessary.
  • Clean all operating parts thoroughly. All grease and oil shall be wiped off. All dust and dirt shall be vacuumed out.
  • Provide an annual report on each door detailing service performance and any additional maintenance and/or repair recommendations with costs.