VeriShield Grout

VeriShield Grout

For use with VeriShield Modular Radiation Shielding

Formulation Precision for Module Compatibility

VeriShield Grout represents a sophisticated dry blend of aggregates intricately formulated to align seamlessly with the densities of Veritas VeriShield V150, V220, V250, and V300 shielding modules. It serves a pivotal role in the structural integrity of VeriShield radiation shielding installations, specifically in infilling structural bond beams and bearing plates. This specialized grout is strategically designed to be mixed with Portland cement, enhancing its utility in various construction applications.

Environmental Stability and Resilience

A distinguishing feature of VeriShield Grout lies in its ability to maintain volume stability under diverse environmental conditions, be it wet or dry. The grout showcases exceptional resilience, effectively resisting cracking or delamination arising from factors such as compressive loading, impact, lateral thrust, high heat, or continuous vibration. This resilience ensures the sustained structural integrity of radiation shielding installations over time.

Integral Role in Radiation Attenuation

Moreover, VeriShield Grout goes beyond its role as a mere structural filler; it acts as a critical component in the overall radiation attenuation system. The grout consistently exhibits radiation attenuation and physical properties that closely mirror the densities of the corresponding VeriShield modules. This synchronization ensures that the entire shielding system functions with optimum effectiveness, providing a reliable and uniform performance across the installation.


DENSITY V150 150 lbs/cu ft – 2.4 g/cu. cm (median)
DENSITY V220 220 lbs/cu ft – 3.5 g/cu. cm (median)
DENSITY V250 250 lbs/cu ft – 4 g/cu. cm (median)
DENSITY V300 313 lbs/cu ft – 5 g/cu. cm (median)
MELTING POINT ^2,800ºF – 1,538ºC


Reliability and Consistency as a Performer

In the construction industry, where stability, durability, and radiation shielding are paramount, VeriShield Grout emerges as a solution that seamlessly integrates into Veritas’ broader shielding technology. Its compatibility with VeriShield modules and its ability to withstand diverse environmental and structural challenges make it an invaluable component in ensuring the safety and longevity of radiation shielding installations. As a reliable and consistent performer, VeriShield Grout stands testament to Veritas’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the field of radiation shielding.