The Fastest, Safest, and Most Reliable Shielded Doors Anywhere

The SmartDoor® Radiation Shielded Door is the fastest, quietest, and safest door of its kind on the market. Its unique design allows it to open and close quickly and smoothly while providing 100% attenuation against radiation.

SmartDoor Radiation Shielded Door

Whether your door requirements are for sliding, bi-parting, swing, or custom-designed, Veritas will provide the complete solution to your therapy or industrial radiation room.

SmartDoor Radiation Shielded Door

Outstanding Function, Attractive Form

Operated by an advanced electro-magnetic drive and computer interface, the Veritas SmartDoor Radiation Shielded Door bi-parting door system is a reliable entry solution coupled with the quickest operating cycles in the industry and 100% guaranteed radiation attenuation. Redundant systems ensure personnel safety. In a power-off condition, the door functions manually, avoiding the potential entrapment of personnel.

SmartDoor Radiation Shielded Door

Single-Leaf Sliding Door Option

Veritas single-leaf sliding doors provide beauty, speed and protection using the same operating and safety systems as our bi-parting door. The 10- to 12-second open/close time is markedly faster than conventional single-leaf sliding door systems.

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