Slide Easy to operate and easy on the eyes. Swing Doors

Unmatched Reliability and Beautiful Visual Appeal

Veritas SmartDoor® swing doors take shielded door technology to a whole new level with elegant design and a list of benefits unavailable with other entry-door designs.

Advanced Radiation-Shielded Design

  • Smooth, safe operation
  • Unique radial drive mechanism requires minimal maintenance
  • 8- to 10-second operating speedsmore than twice as fast as competing doorseliminate the need for partial opening
  • Redundant safety systems
  • Can be manually operated in power-off conditions
  • Hinge-less design means no unsightly, high-maintenance wall hinges
  • Concealed drive system. No overhead operator allows HVAC to enter room over the door
Other Radiation-Shielded Doors



The standard for radiation-protective entry doors.


Available in single-slide or dual bi-parting configurations.