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Welcome to the world of radiation shielding, where safety and protection are paramount. When it comes to high-quality and effective radiation shielding, Veritas Medical Solutions is a name that stands out. With their innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, they have been providing top-notch products for global installations across various project locations. From hospitals to research centers, Veritas has been delivering 100% radiation guarantee on all their installations.

Veritas Medical Solutions has been at the forefront of providing radiation shielding solutions for various project locations. One such location is hospitals. Hospitals are one of the most common places where radiation protection is required, especially in areas like radiology and oncology departments.

Another project location where Veritas’ expertise comes into play is research and industrial applications. Research centers deal with radioactive emitting equipment frequently and require advanced radiation shielding systems to ensure safety.

In addition to these critical installations, Veritas’ products have also been used in other industries like aerospace and defense, where protecting against proton and neutron rays and other forms of radiation is necessary.

The versatility of Veritas’ product range highlights their commitment towards providing reliable shielding and top-notch services across different industries globally.

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Project Locations