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Get the speed, space, design and cost advantages of a comprehensive, pre-engineered Veritas radiotherapy room solution. Veritas is an expert in therapy room design and construction. That’s why our pre-engineered solutions provide outstanding radiation protection for smaller spaces in conjunction with high-performance and aesthetic doors, wall-panels and window options.

Radiotherapy Solutions
Radiotherapy Solutions

Radiotherapy Rooms

Enjoy greater convenience and get complete peace of mind. Go with a turnkey solution for individual room installations with VeriShield® modular room solutions. They’re pre-engineered to accommodate all major types of equipment, local building specifications and site locations.


Radiotherapy Solutions

Radiotherapy Design

Form follows function. Realize your architect’s vision and simplify the designer’s task with a modular design approach. Our versatile selection of design packages spans a variety of tastes and styles to make your radiotherapy solutions a homerun. Custom design packages can also be created using any combination of room finishes.


Radiotherapy Solutions

Comprehensive Services

At every step of your project, Veritas supports you with professional services during radiotherapy facility design and construction, including SmartCare™ services for remote door monitoring and troubleshooting after installation.


VeriShield modules are dry stacked block that are easily configured into any size or shape therapy room. Individual shielding requirements are met by tailoring the density and number of layers of VeriShield as needed. Shielding is easily installed, in even the most confined work site, and can be upgraded, reconfigured or removed if needed.

Compared to concrete, rooms constructed with VeriShield require much less space, and there is no penetration required of the space above the room. Modules are easily transported to the worksite and can be stored indoors or out, as they are unaffected by weather. Their compact size allows for convenient delivery with fast and easy installation and no disruption of surrounding services. No other shielding method provides a comparable blend of performance, convenience and affordability. To learn more about the future of therapy engineering and construction, contact us here.