Unmatched Reliability and Beautiful Visual Appeal

Veritas SmartDoor® swing doors take shielded door technology to a whole new level with elegant design and a list of benefits unavailable with other entry-door designs.

Eliminate mechanical problems and the industrial look of ordinary radiation-shielded doors. Veritas door systems provide 100% guaranteed shielding with unmatched reliability and the visual appeal of contemporary designer finishes. Today’s most advanced radiation therapy room entry system, Veritas doors come equipped with SmartDoor® Touch Screen technology, which provides a variety of useful functions including enhanced security features with a thumbprint reader, remote access from the control room or nurses’ station, and performance reports. Opening in 10 seconds or less, the doors will knock the competition off their hinges!

SmartDoor Radiation Shielded Door
SmartDoor® Swing Doors

Advanced Radiation-Shielded Design

  • Smooth, safe operation Smooth, safe operation backed by Veritas SmartCare™ service.
  • Unique radial drive mechanism requires minimal maintenance
  • 8- to 10-second operating speeds—more than twice as fast as competing doors—eliminate the need for partial opening
  • Redundant safety systems
  • Can be manually operated in power-off conditions
  • Hinge-less design means no unsightly, high-maintenance wall hinges
  • Concealed drive system. No overhead operator allows HVAC to enter room over the door
  • Advanced touch-screen operation—control all operations from a single interface. Remote troubleshooting capability.
  • Endless selection of contemporary door finishes.

Veritas SmartDoor® Engineering and Physics

Veritas provides engineering, physics, design services and architectural support for the construction of the door system based upon final physics parameters. A comprehensive physics report is provided, which documents all design parameters and physics calculations for the door installation. Design and engineering services include structural and mechanical.

Veritas Swing-Style SmartDoor® System




Construction Single leaf, swing door supported by a radial/thrust pivot bearing, surface mounted to the floor concrete, and a top radial bearing installed into a steel frame support. Hinged from the spine edge.
Standard Clear opening 122cm x 213cm (4ft x 7ft). Conforms with required opening sizes as listed in major equipment supplier’s IDP manuals. Clear opening size can be customized to fit specific customer requirements.
Drive System Motor driven through an advanced roller pinion gear providing high positional accuracy. Direct drive assembly with built-in current limit sensing (fault detection).
Control Cabinet 609mm x 609mm x 254mm (24” x 24” x 10”) box, vented front door.
Machine Interlock Switch 101mm x 101mm x 50mm (4” x 4” x 2”) metal box, (for machine use or interoperability).
Opening / Closing Speed Full open/close in 8-10 seconds. Operating speed is infinitely adjustable.
Electrical Requirements 208-240 VAC 3 phase 50/60 HZ power supply. 220 V single-phase, 20-amp available. Low voltage wiring to all door controls and presence sensors and safety systems.
Controls and Operation Programmable Veritas SmartDoor touch screen interface and two (2) NEMA 12 enclosures. 24V DC low voltage push button control stations. Mushroom-style emergency stop button. UL listed system.
Manual Operation With the drive system disengaged, the door system can be opened and closed manually for emergency and maintenance operation.
Safety Two (2) Emergency Stop (“E Stop”) buttons, one inside and one outside room. E Stop built into HMI. Emergency disable on control box.
Presence Sensors BEA, Inc. SuperScan Series on both sides of door. Completely disengages power/driving force.
Safety Doors The door drive is concealed behind protective panels that are finished to match the door veneers.
Radiation Shielding 100% effective radiation shielding barrier and enclosure. Doors are precisely machined and installed to minimize the gap between the floor and the bottom of the door to reduce under-door scatter and eliminate the need to recess the door into the floor.
Door Thickness Veritas SmartDoors are available in thicknesses of 5” (127mm), 10” (254mm), 15” (381mm) or 20” (508mm) and are loaded with VeriShield modular shielding or alternate materials as necessary to meet the requirements of the physics report. Custom thicknesses are available.
Finishes Choice of high-quality door finishes (durable polymers and high pressure laminates, stainless steel or anodized aluminum). Custom graphics are available at an additional charge.
Testing Radiation shielding integrity testing shall be completed by client within 60 days of project. Veritas will rectify any deficiencies in the door shielding or door operating system as warranted.
Warranty 100% shielding guarantee against radiation streaming and one-year standard coverage against mechanical failure. Preventative maintenance contracts are available.
Attenuation Photon and neutron attenuating. 100% shielding guarantee.
Swing Direction Available with either left- or right-hand swing.


1. Safety sensor protection
2. Touch screen operation—programmable door control, operation monitoring/reporting and electronic door lock
3. Appearance package—choice of finishes/trim
4. Built-in safety panels—prevent access to the drive mechanism and eliminate pinch points
5. Precision installation prevents under door radiation scatter
6. Single-source motor drive and all wiring concealed and located next to the door— eliminates overhead operator
7. Smooth, silent operation
8. Full weight of the door is finely balanced on a 200,000lb. capacity bearing (10x safety factor) eliminates industrial style wall hinges

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