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Veritas Covid-19 Statement

Covid-19 Statement

Veritas Covid-19 Statement is closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization’s (WHO) updates regarding novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and following the guidelines from both agencies as well as local health departments where we operate.

We have been collaborating with public health partners to develop emergency response plans and are taking all appropriate precautions at our locations, as advised by the CDC and local public health agencies. These measures include properly disinfecting our facilities and educating our employees. The Veritas Executive team has communicated with employees about illness prevention, including the CDC’s recommendation of everyday preventive actions to prevent the spread of the virus.

Thank you in advance for reading our Covid-19 Statement and for your patience and consideration as we all collaborate to manage this situation.

Good health to you, your family, and your associates.

Veritas Medical Solutions

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