Creative Director - Glenn Wanamaker

Veritas Medical Solutions welcomes Mr. Glenn Wanamaker as our Creative Director. With Glenn’s years of success in business, partnered with his creative innovation, technical leadership and multiple skills in creative software, video production and other business applications, will only further strengthen Veritas’ position in the marketplace. His experience also in process and production related solutions, enhancin our daily strategy.

Glenn is originally from Collegeville, PA and is a graduate from Valley Forge Military Academy and College. His interests are his family, cooking, off-roading, travel and camping.

As Creative Director, my goal will be to improve our market share and global brand. “When out and about, I am always looking at how others brand and market themselves. It sparks creative ideas for our business and how to communicate our value propositions to our customers.” says Glenn.

The brand is also an important thread through our install and service teams, so training production will also be developed to ensure that our message is concise and complete.

As the Marketing department goes, the goal is to increase the Marketing and Sales Qualified leads, through the website, tradeshows, press releases, social media and advertising in trade journals.

We remain committed to building Cancer Centers of Excellence and challenging the status quo – developing shielding solutions for all industries. Welcome to Team Veritas Glenn!