Veritas Attends SROA 2022 in San Antonio, TX

SROA 2022

Veritas Medical Solutions marked its presence at the esteemed SROA 2022 (Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators) Annual Conference held in San Antonio, TX. Our participation was highlighted through our exhibition at Booth #10 in the prestigious venue of Hyatt Regency San Antonio. At our booth, we showcased our innovative VeriShield® modular radiation shielding solutions alongside our cutting-edge SmartDoor® Shielded Systems.

The conference served as a pivotal platform for us to engage with industry professionals, fostering insightful discussions and knowledge sharing within the realm of radiation oncology. Amidst this collaborative atmosphere, we had the opportunity to delve into in-depth conversations, exchanging ideas and insights on enhancing patient care through our speed-to-construction radiation shielding solutions.

Networking with radiation oncology experts was not just a routine engagement; it was a conduit for idea incubation, nurturing a fertile ground for innovation and progress in our pursuit of optimizing patient care. These interactions were instrumental in garnering valuable perspectives, amplifying our commitment to advancing healthcare solutions in the field of radiation oncology.

The event provided an avenue for us to showcase our commitment to revolutionizing the landscape of radiation shielding. Our VeriShield® modular solutions and SmartDoor® Shielded Systems were met with enthusiasm, affirming their potential to revolutionize the industry’s approach to patient care and safety.

As the conference concluded, we left invigorated by the meaningful connections established and the wealth of insights gathered. Looking ahead, Veritas eagerly anticipates reconvening at SROA in San Diego next year. We are poised to continue this journey of collaboration and innovation, committed to making significant strides in radiation shielding solutions and, ultimately, in elevating the standards of patient care within the realm of radiation oncology.